Calling all hens!


Are you having a hen weekend this April/May? Then True North Productions wants to hear from you! True North Productions is making a big new TV series for a major channel in which we gate crash hen weekends all over the country to capture the fun. You may have already booked someone to do your

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Easter Holidays 2013


Easter is a favourite time for both children and adults. Did you know … The giving of an Easter Egg symbolises new beginnings and the Easter Bunny symbolises fertility? The first Easter baskets were made to look like bird’s nests and an Easter Bonnet decorated with flowers was worn to celebrate Spring? Why not decorate

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April Fools’ Day

The 1st of April every year is a day widely known around the World as being the ultimate day to play a practical joke or hoax on your friends, family members and even colleagues. In the UK we call it April Fools’ Day but other countries have their own names, traditions and jokes that surround

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