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How to host a children’s Halloween party

Halloween parties are of course all about the fancy dress costumes, but what else can you do to make your party a scream?

Food – Cup cakes are ideal for children’s Halloween parties, and to give them a little something ghoulish you can easily use icing to create a variety of iconic Halloween designs, such as skulls, ghosts and pumpkins. Fill them with jam as ‘blood’ to really make them special. Alternatively, many supermarkets sell edible sugar paper designs which can be transferred onto the cakes.

Drinks – Create a range of eerie yet healthy drinks by using juices and food colourings. Red for blood, green for slime, etc. Give them names like vampire essence, or troll juice to really peak your young guests’ interest.

Music – You can buy CD’s with a range of Halloween sound effects and spooky songs to add creepy vibes to your party. Alternatively make your own compilation from relevant children’s theme tunes such as Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo and Spiderman.

Costumes – Send out invites with ideas for Halloween fancy dress costumes. Ensure that you and any other adults are also in fancy dress for the Halloween party, as this will help create a truly memorable and ghoulish experience for your young guests.

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