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Animal Halloween costumes

Halloween may have long since gone but not to worry, it appears that its taking place again next year, and there’s only ten shopping months left to get your costume! This week we take a look at animal themed Halloween costumes sure to chill the bones and perhaps raise a smile.

Some animals seem to lend themselves well to being imitated in fancy dress form, ingrained as they are in our folklore and popular culture. Wolves, bats, spiders and sharks for example all play on our deepest darkest fears and have all featured prominently in horror movies.

But often it can be more fun to take something that is not generally thought of as scary and subvert it into something terrifying, for a truly unique Halloween fancy dress costume.

Teddy bears for example are known for being cute and cuddly. But add some piercing red eyes, sharp teeth and razor claws and they soon become anything but (as anyone who remembers the ‘WereBear’ cuddly toys of the eighties will testify).

The humble sheep is another animal which it’s very hard to be scared by. That is, until the low budget New Zealand horror film Black Sheep came out, and turned them into ferocious killers. To try it for yourself, simply add a few sharpened teeth and improvised entrails to a more conventional sheep costume, and follow it up with a few demented ‘baa’s’!

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