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Come party up this Halloween!

Unemployment is down. Inflation didn’t get any worse. GDP increased. So far, this has been a good year for UK’s economy. And, things are even going to get much better pretty soon, says the IMF. Time then to un-tighten the belt a bit and ante up the partying. This Halloween, there is reason to celebrate!

Just for an evening, you can be easy on yourself. Have fun and relax. On Halloween, take a break from your day-to-day life. Let your hair down, cut loose and enjoy the holiday. Come partying dressed up in your fanciest, dandiest best. Dress up the kids. Dress up your pets. For the occasion, dress up your house too. Once in a while, it’s good for the health to indulge in a little game of pretend and make-believe.

This Halloween, how do you go about selecting your costume? What theme will you choose for the party? For many, there is simply no way they will deviate from the traditions of Halloweens past. They will come as witches, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, zombies and other monsters, or as fairies, mermaids, angels, demons and other supernatural creatures. Of course, they can put on some nice contemporary touches, drawing on inspiration from such hit American TV series as True Blood, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Grimm, Sleepy Hallow, Beauty and the Beast.

For those who want to look creepily scary this Halloween, there are modern-day alternatives to Dracula and Frankenstein. They can dress up as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees or Leatherface. For the extra cool, they can keep their friends perplexed and guessing should they come in as Dexter Morgan, the serial-killer anti-hero of Dexter or as Walter White, the meth-dealing murdering protagonist of Breaking Bad.

Aside from the traditional horror and occult motif, other favorite costume and party themes for Halloween include historical periods (i.e., Medieval, Gothic, Victorian, Roarin’20’s), uniforms (i.e., military, police, religious, medical) and other-than-human (i.e, animals, plants, inanimate objects like tools, appliances, food). Also increasingly popular these days are those characters and settings borrowed from literature, comic books and movie or TV franchises like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Aliens, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the various superheroes and super villains of the DC and Marvel universes.

Halloween, like Mardi Gras and ComiCon, provides us with an opportunity to dress up as outrageously as we can without offending other people’s sensibilities. We use this occasion to let off some pent up steam. Then we can be more productive the rest of the year.

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