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Halloween fancy dress- America’s spookiest kookiest family

When it comes to Halloween fancy dress parties it can be hard to think of costume ideas. But sometimes great ideas can be found in the depths of popular culture. Next Halloween, or this New Year’s Eve if you can’t wait that long, why not gather together some friends and go in fancy dress as The Addams Family. A pretty unique bunch of characters, the odd clan have captured the imaginations and tickled the funny bones of subsequent generations. Here are some costume ideas for paying your own fancy dress homage to the Addams Family.

Gomez- The eccentric head of the family, Gomez was a colourful character to say the least, and was usually seen sporting an outdated pinstripe suit, tie, cigar and a luxurious pencil-moustache.

Morticia- Perhaps the real head of the family deep down, Gomez’s wife, the Matriarchal Morticia Addams, had a vampish tragic look and was partial to a spot of witchcraft. A long black wig, white make up and a long dress as black as the night will make this costume.

Uncle Fester- Played by Christopher Lloyd in the feature film adaptation of the Addams Family, Fester Addams is Gomez’s brother. Favourite pastimes include fishing with dynamite and generally causing mischief. A bald cap, long black cloak and slightly pudgy disposition are essential for a fancy dress portrayal.

Lurch- As a seven-foot-something butler bearing more than a slight resemblance to Frankenstein’s Monster your chances of blending into the background at the fancy dress party are slim to none. Costume is bowtie, boots and a black tuxedo, size XXXXL.

Pugsley- An ideal child’s costume, Pugsley is Gomez and Morticia’s son. Black and white striped t-shirt, shorts and a mischievous smile should be enough to pull this one off.

Wednesday- Pugsley’s sister, Wednesday Addams is perhaps what Lisa Simpson would have been like if she grew up in a cemetery.

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