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Don’t ‘Wipe-out’ this party season.

Hawaii is widely considered the birthplace of surfing and it’s amazing climate and coastline provide some spectacular surfing conditions. So, as Hawaii becomes the first US State to offer Surfing as an official Secondary School competition sport, why not hold a surfing-inspired party to warm up now the weather is turning cooler?

Decorate your party room with a Beach Scene Setter, add a Surfer Couple Cut-out prop and some Surfboard cut-outs around the room for a Surfer’s Paradise feel. Impose a beachwear dress code (boardies, Hawaiian Shirts, bikinis and grass skirts) to get the guests in a surfing mood, whack on some Beach Boys classics on the stereo and get surfing, Dude! For a perfect way to keep those tinnies chilled, grab an Inflatable Surfboard Drinks cooler. Your fellow party goers are sure to be stoked as they carve up the dance floor and ride the sound waves of your beach party.

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