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Escape the wintry climes of Blighty

As temperatures plummet here in the United Kingdom, we are all pumping up the thermostat and reaching for our woolliest jumpers. You could be forgiven for trying to hibernate until the sun comes out to play. However, why not boost your mood with a tropical Hawaiian party?

You’ll be pleased to know, even Hawaii experiences Snow in January – albeit only on its highest mountain peaks. The average daily temperatures range from 17.8 – 27.6 degrees Celsius – compare that to our shivering 1.3—6.9 degrees Celsius and its clear to see the appeal of a Hawaiian party to help us thaw out!

If you can’t bring yourself to jump into your swimsuit just yet, we understand. Just fill your room with warming tropical decorations – beach balls, piñatas, flower garlands and the like – to help you feel more summery. The bright colours in all our tableware and drinks accessories will inspire you to create a Beach Bar Cocktail List of supreme standards. Don’t forget the Sun Lotion (oh all right, the fake tan).


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