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Hawaiian fancy dress costumes for women

Images of Hawaii are often accompanied by beautiful exotic women with long flowing hair, dressed in grass skirts and with flower chains draped about them. Whether this is a true representation of the islands’ female population is another matter entirely, but why not bring the image to life yourself by dressing as a Hawaiian beauty for the fancy dress party?

Grass skirts are perhaps the first thing many people think of when considering women’s Hawaiian fancy dress costumes, and these are often combined with a coconut or shell bra for a truly tropical motif. However, as modesty or the weather dictates, a long flowing Hawaiian dress is also a very attractive way of pulling off the island look.

These Hawaiian costumes can be enhanced further by adding a few accessories. Flower leis, worn around the neck, are a traditional symbol of friendship and hospitality, and look great with most Hawaiian ensembles. A long dark haired wig and fake tan can also go a long way towards your transformation into a bona fide Hawaiian beauty.  Flowers worn tied into the hair or artificial flower hair clips can also add a little extra zing to your fancy dress costume.

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