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Hawaiian Theme Party

Throwing a theme party can be a great way to liven up the party atmosphere and be creative with fancy dress, games, drinks and food. A Hawaiian party can be a fun and different way to host a get together and it is easy to get guests into the island spirit. Although Hawaiian party shops may be difficult to find on the high street, fancy dress shops, supermarkets and even pound shops have all the Hawaiian party supplies that are necessary to have a themed evening of fun.

Hawaiian party ideas are particularly easy to think up. The first step is Hawaiian party decorations. Recreate the island feel with inflatable beach balls and even inflatable palm trees. Leaf and floral banners and garlands are a great way to spruce up walls and hallways, and a bead door curtain can recreate the Tiki lounge experience. Another fun Hawaiian party decorations idea is to use a small paddling pool full of ice to keep beer cans (and guests) cool. More enthusiastic hosts can throw down sand but remember it may take a while to hoover up the next day!

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