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Hawaiian Traditions

If you’re planning a Hawaiian themed party or fancy dress event you’ll no doubt want to make it as authentic as possible. Hawaiian fancy dress costumes, music and party games are great ways of achieving this, but adding little traditional touches from Hawaiian culture can really colour those island vibes. Most people will be aware of the tradition of handing out flower leis to guests and the culinary tradition of the Hawaiian luau, but here are a few lesser known island customs you might consider to help make your Hawaiian fancy dress party extra special.

No shoes, no worries- Hawaiians almost always take their shoes off before entering a house, so why not encourage your gusts to kick off their shoes in true Hawaiian tradition.

Encourage guests to bring food- If you’re throwing a buffet type event, you could ask each guest to bring a dish of their own. Bringing a gift for the host in the form of food is common amongst pacific islanders so the more the merrier!

Blow on a conch- If you can get hold of a suitable conch shell then bring it along to the party. An ancient tradition known as the ‘blowing of the conch shell’ still continues today to mark special occasions.

Dance the Hula- Hula dancing is one of the classic forms of dance native to Hawaii, and tells a story accompanied by traditional Hawaiian music. Learn a few steps of it and try to teach it to your guests!

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