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Hollywood meets Hawaii

If you love your Hawaiian beach parties, but are in need of a new twist, how about Hollywood meets Hawaii party? The possibilities are endless:

Famous Hawaiians – Barack Obama; Bette Midler; Nicole Kidman

Beach/Hawaiian TV & Film – Hawaii Five-0; Baywatch; Jaws; Blue Hawaii, Lilo & Stitch; Pearl Harbor; Gidget Goes Hawaiian; Beaches

Hollywood Stars who live/lived in Hawaii – Roseanne Barr; Oprah Winfrey; Randy Travis; Lance Armstrong; Drew Barrymore; Jack Johnson

The tranquil paradise setting of Hawaii lures the stars in their droves. Who can blame them from owning second homes in an idyllic setting where they can kick back on beaches, hang-10 on their surfboards and enjoy a pina colada or two in peace?

As well as providing a beautiful getaway destination, Hawaii is also the perfect inspirational backdrop to many a movie including The Hulk; Avatar; George of the Jungle; Raiders of the Lost Ark; South Pacific; Starsky & Hutch and The Beachcombers.

So enjoy Hawaiian life in star-style – don some stylish shades, dip your toes in the paddling pool and sip cocktails from coconut cups with plenty of cocktail umbrellas, fruit filled picks, and colourful stirrers. Surround yourselves with Hibiscus Foil Balloons to create an authentic setting and Limbo away to your heart’s content.

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