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How to make a Hawaiian snowman

The past week has brought the reality of winter, with significant snowfalls experienced throughout the country. While it may be perhaps easy to become glum over the bitterly cold and harsh weather, the arrival of snow on the ground presents new opportunities for winter fun. Why not bring a bit of summer cheer to your garden or the local park by making a Hawaiian fancy dress snowman?

After making the basic snowman shape, the first and foremost decoration for your wintery friend is of course a Hawaiian shirt. Perhaps you have one left over from a Hawaiian themed fancy dress party, or if not it should be reasonably easy to acquire one from a charity shop.

Next, a grass skirt will add that extra tropical touch to your snowman, and certainly give it a unique look amongst all the other snowmen in the neighbourhood. You could perhaps even give him some flip flops, but these are probably best put in place before construction of your Hawaiian snowman has begun.

For the finishing touch, place a flower lei around the neck of the snowman, or at least where the neck would be if he had one, then step back to admire your unique Hawaiian winter creation.

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