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How to Make the Most of Your Luau Party for the Elderly

No matter what their age, everybody loves a party. It’s an opportunity have a great time, great fun and great food with friends and family. The elderly enjoy parties even more so as it gives them a chance for a break from the hum drum of the everyday life that they live in their retirement or nursing homes. The Luau party is actually the perfect themed party for the elderly.

Luau Decorations Are a Must

To really succeed with a luau party, it makes all the difference to have the right decorations. Tropical flowers, bright colours and these colour door decorations make a great addition so that everybody can get in the mood for some Hawaiian fun.

But not to worry, the flowers don’t have to be real, however it would be good if they were. But just as long as those flowers are looking tropical and you think that it’s the type of flower you’d find in Hawaii, you’re barking up the right tree. Think bright colours.

Accessories for a Luau Greeting

As people arrive at the Luau party, help them to feel part of the event by greeting them with a lei. This is a type of flower garland necklace that is worn by the Hawaiians. You might want to browse these leis.

Another nice touch is to give a tropical flower headband to all the ladies to wear in their hair.

If you’ve decide to hold the luau outdoors, your elderly guests will enjoy it if the area is lit up with tiki torches. It’s also a chance to use citronella so that you can ward off mosquitos or other unwanted insects.

Elderly people aren’t usually very keen to drink alcohol, and if that’s the case with your pensioners, then lay on some virgin cocktails. Yes, that’s right, cocktails without any alcohol in them. They’ll go down a real treat.

At the end of the day, your elderly guests would have had a ball of a time at your Luau party and they’ll be begging you to arrange another one soon so that they can do it all over again. Have fun!

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