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How to Throw A Hawaiian Theme Party on a Small Budget

If you’ve been wondering how you can throw an Hawaiian themed party on a small budget, then read on. In today’s post, we’re going to give you all the answers.

The credit crunch has impacted most people, but that shouldn’t be enough to stop you having a great birthday party. It just means that you need to determine a budget and stick to it.

But don’t worry – here’s what you can do to cut costs without anybody noticing:

If your house isn’t really built for hosting parties, then an alternative is to hold the party in the garden. Otherwise check with your local community centre or even the local church hall to see if you can hire it out for a small charge.

You don’t have to spend a lot to set the scene for your Hawaiian themed birthday party. For example, you can use a Hawaiian table centrepiece as the main decoration. Or use a table runner and you’ve pretty much completed the scene.

To really experience how it is in Hawaii, you should ask your guests to wear Hawaiian clothing. This will also add to the colour and ‘decoration’ of the room.

Other decorations you might want to use are inflatable palm trees. You can use them again for your next party, even if it is another theme.

When it comes to food, then remember that Hawaiians like to eat a lot of chicken, pineapple and rice in their cooking. You should be able to find some very tasty dishes that will go far (especially with the use of rice). Bulk out your guests with a large potato salad, some pasta and coleslaw.

These tips should help you to throw a fantastic Hawaiian themed party on a budget.

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