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Ideas for Your Hawaiian Theme Party

If you’re thinking of holding a Hawaiian party theme or what is sometimes known as the “Luau” party then get ready because it involves plenty of drinking cocktails, singing and dancing.

Summertime is one of the most popular times for celebrating special occasion as you can be lucky enough to get a sunny day and then you can enjoy the outdoors. You might want to check the weather report a few days ahead of the party. You don’t have to have your own beach to hold this style party on – you can do it in your back garden or even inside your house.

You can start off by inviting people with a Hawaiian style party invitation. How about making your own palm tree or cocktail style invitations that can be made at home on a computer with a printer.

As for dressing up, you can ask your lady guests to wear a grass skirt and the guys will look great in shorts, a Hawaiian print design shirt and flip flops. On our site you can find complete Hawaiian dressing up sets for everybody.

How about some inflatable palm trees and table decorations to set the scene?

When it comes to the menu, you could take a watermelon, cut it in half and remove the inside. Now carve a pattern into the watermelon half so that it will look like a pretty fruit bowl. Fill it with pieces of pineapple, bananas, cherries and grapes.

Now it’s time to concoct some refreshing cocktails. Try the ‘Hawaiian Heartbreaker’ or the ‘Aloha’ for a refreshing (but potentially powerful, so be careful) beverage.

If there’s one final prop that you’ll need to make your party complete – it’s the limbo. This can also double up to provide some great entertainment. Hilarious to watch your friends trying to duck and dive under the low bar.

Now it’s up to you to go and have a great time with your guests at your own Hawaiian themed party.

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