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Jedward go Hawaiian

An Hawaiian party just wouldn’t be, well, Hawaiian, without Hawaiian shirts. This month we’ve seen the X Factor stars ‘Jedward’ donning the attire for their starring roles in a TV advert for a comparison website. Jonathon and Edward Grimes lay on their sun loungers wearing matching yellow Hawaiian Shirts and sipping cocktails from Hawaiian style coconut cups. Jedward – as the twins are commonly known as – are fun-loving guys who love to party – maybe they headed off for a Luau of their own in their Hawaiian apparel – well, it would have been a shame to waste such high fashion, wouldn’t it?

What better way to chase away the winter blues than throwing a Hawaiian Party? You’ll feel instantly warmer and will get you in the mood for planning your summer holiday. So grab yourself a Limbo stick, a handle of Leis and a couple of Inflatable Palm Trees to get your Hawaiian Party plan rolling. Oh, and don’t forget your Jedward-esque Hawaiian Shirts. Aloha!

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