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Planning an Hawaiian Themed Party

Planning an Hawaiian Themed Party now that spring is on its way could not be easier. Popular with people of all ages, the Hawaiian Themed Party can be adapted to suit any number of guests and varying budgets. Hawaiian decorations, disposable cups, plates, drinking straws and napkins can be purchased in high street shops or through online Party Suppliers. The choices are plentiful, and there are styles to suit every taste.

Guests will have little trouble finding suitable attire – those not wanting to splash out on Hawaiian shirts or dresses can wear any bright cloured top, shorts, flip flops or sandals, and sun glasses. For the serious party goers, grass skirts and coconut bras (popular with both sexes), straw hats, lei garlands and flower hair decorations are available. The adventurous can make a pineapple hat by removing the bottom portion of a plastic pineapple and attaching some string or elastic. Novelty invitations in plastic bottles, with mini cocktails glasses and umbrellas, are sure to get a positive reply.

Whether you use your own creative talents or opt for shop bought, decorations for a Hawaiian Themed Party are a breeze. There are many ways to transform your house and garden into a Pacific paradise. Hawaiian backdrops make perfect scene setters, along with inflatable or cut out palms, hula girls and parrots. For added realism, sand and beach chairs can add a tropical flavour. Colourful garlands, banners and streamers will brighten up the surroundings and lend a festive touch. Paper lanterns add magic, as do bamboo tiki torches for outdoor use, although these are unsuitable if children or pets are attending.

Food choices can range from a grand kalua pig roast, traditional luau chicken cooked in coconut milk to barbequed kabobs, ham and pineapple pizzas and buffet fare with lots of tropical fruit and coconut. Decorate the table with leaves, flowers and a volcano centre piece. This can be made out of modelling clay or cake, with dry ice creating a smoke effect. Tropical fruit punch, smoothies, pina coladas, daiquiris, Mai Tais and beer will keep the guests happy.

Hawaiian ukelele and beach party music cds will get the party going with a swing. Hula hoops, limbo dancing, tug of war contests and fishing games provide added entertainment. A Hawaiian Themed Party is a perfect way of banishing winter blues; greet the guests with a cheery “Aloha” and leis. Have fun!

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