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Say Aloha (Hello) to Autumn

The leaves may have started turning all the colours of a Hawaiian sunset now, but we still have plenty of sunshine left in the days, so don’t all go inside just yet. Give your BBQs one last airing and throw an’ Aloha (Goodbye) Summer’ party – Hawaiian style!
In September, Hawaii’s climate is somewhat different to that in the UK. With temperatures reaching an average tropical 78 degrees Fahrenheit, Hawaii has the perfect climate for a late summer getaway. Rainfall is minimal too in most places, and certainly short-lived. Although it has to be said, Hawaii is an island of variety when it comes to the weather. Being such a small island, measuring only 93 miles across at it’s widest point, Hawaii experiences 10 of the world’s 15 weather climates. With parts of Hawaii experiencing heavy rainfall at the same time as another area having clear blue skies and smouldering heat.
So maybe, Hawaii isn’t too dissimilar to back home eh? Ok, so you may need to pair your Hawaiian Shirts with some trousers and opt for dresses under your grass skirts, but since when has the good old British weather stopped us having a jolly good time? Make the most of these last few weeks of sunshine and enjoy your Hawaiian party, whatever the weather.

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