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The Thrill of the Indoor Beach Party

Fed up of rainy weather? Not to worry, it will soon be over. But whilst you’re waiting, you can still relive the fun of summer in the form of an indoor beach party. Bring the beach into the home with our props and party items. Yes, it might sound a little off the wall, but it is actually one of the most fun types of parties currently trending. Whether you’re planning to celebrate a birthday or you just fancy having a few friends around, then read on.


How about really getting people in the mood. You could send a flip flop with the information written on the shoe itself. If it’s a single’s party you could even tell them to bring their flip flop to the party, then when they arrive, you can pair them with the recipient of the other shoe.


Use colourful beach props to get the room ready for the event. Beach towels, beach ball, colourful umbrellas and even deck chairs will all fit the theme perfectly. It’s also going to look very nice if you bring out some seashells too. Tables and chairs can be decorated with these grass skirts to fit into the beach party theme.

Party food

There’s nothing like a fruity cocktail with a tropical cocktail umbrella. Lay on some fresh fruit too with banana, mango, pineapple and water melon. Beach party food should be fish and chips, dips and other finger foods. You can serve it in plastic sand castle buckets to stay in the theme. Straw and kiss me quick hats are perfect accoutrements.

You might even want to play a beach movie in the background, maybe not the one with Leonardo Dicaprio in it, you don’t want to send those guests home with nightmares about swimming in water – and stay away from the movie Jaws too! Great games are hula hopping, and instead of pin the tail on the donkey, how about pin the surfer on the board.

You may even want to do some bowling with pineapples as the skittles and coconuts as the balls.

The indoor beach party can be so much fun. Once you’ve had one, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before.

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