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Tips for a Fun Hawaiian Themed Party

The fun-filled atmosphere of a Hawaiian theme party is a great way to provide some entertainment for friends and family. Creating a tropical paradise setting for this is not that difficult and with a little planning and forethought it is possible to enjoy a party in Hawaii no matter where you live.


Bright colours and the beach are the way to get a Hawaiian-inspired look for a party and there are plenty of ways to do this. Options to consider include decorative fans with sea and fish motifs, pictures or blow-up palm trees, grass-style door curtains and aloha banners. Paper lanterns can also add to the Tiki or Luau party style. Tiki lanterns typically feature the face of a god while Luau lanterns are brightly coloured. Tiki torches are an option for an outdoor party and can be used to light up a path or party area in a garden. Other party decorations to consider include Hula dancer pictures, surfing decals and paper hibiscus flowers. The tableware used can also help create a Hawaiian theme. Simply use one bright colour for tablecloth, plates and cups or look for some that are decorated with a sea, surfing, flower or Tiki God design.


The lei is an integral part of Hawaiian culture and is a garland of flowers that is presented to guests as a sign of affection. This makes it a great way to greet friends and family on their arrival at a Luau or Tiki party and it is a beautiful addition to any outfit. There are a few that guests can wear to blend in with the Hawaiian theme. A Hula dancer outfit is a good choice for a woman, with this generally comprising a grass-style skirt and colourful top. An alternative to this is a floral print dress. Accessories for an outfit can include floral headbands and hair clips. For men a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts is one option for their party outfit, with another being a surfer outfit of brightly colored t-shirt and patterned board shorts. Accessories can include sunglasses and a panama-style hat.

Food & Drink

There are plenty of delicious foods to serve at a Hawaiian theme party. Luau basically translates to feast so make sure there is plenty for guests to enjoy. Traditional options include roast pork, which is known as Kalua Pua’a, sweet potatoes and sauce-style dish known as Poi. Seafood is also a good choice, with salmon, grilled shrimp and crab being some of the dishes to consider. A barbecue is an option for an outdoor party and can be used to cook seafood or steak. Fresh fruit is the way to go for dessert, with pineapple or watermelon being a refreshing way to end a meal.

Where drinks are concerned, a Tiki bar is a fun way to bring some Tiki party style to a home. This is simple to create by surrounding a table with grasscloth, woven fish nets, sea-life motifs and Tiki god masks. Some of the drinks to consider serving include fruit punch and cocktails such as Blue Hawaiians, Pina Coladas, Lava Flows and Mai Tais.

Party Games

Games are a great way to get guests having fun and there are plenty of options to create a Luau party atmosphere. Limbo is a classic idea and only needs a couple of poles and a crossbar to see how low guests can go. Those that have a pool just need a blow-up beach ball to get the pool volleyball started. A few hula hoops can test the skills of guests to see how long they can go or how many they can work at one time. A stone toss is a traditional Hawaiian game that is similar in style to horseshoes. A small post is hammered in the ground with participants tossing a stone to see how close they can get to this.

The fun of a Hawaiian theme party is something that anyone will enjoy. The ideas shown above are sure to create an enjoyable tropical paradise atmosphere for a party to remember.

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