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Tips for Choosing Hawaiian Party Supplies

Hawaiian party supplies can be so much fun to select. There’s something special about the island lifestyle that brings about a good feeling and this can be brought into the home by throwing a Hawaiian theme party.

If you’re planning to host a Hawaiian themed party then here are some tips on how to make your selection of accessories and party supplies:

Everybody loves Hawaiian themed parties and they are suitable for just about any special celebration. Some people go for this theme for weddings, some for birthday parties and some just because. One of the reasons that they are so popular is because they are never out of date. Guests love them for any venue and any time of year.  Here are our top tips for choosing Hawaiian party supplies:

  • Be sure to order early. You’ll want your supplies to be at hand well in advance. With anything, if you order when you’re in a hurry you’re sure to miss out on any bargains and special sale prices or discounts. You may even have to pay for faster delivery too, something else that you can avoid by ordering early.
  • Match your menu to your supplies. There are certainly plenty of menu options when it comes to Hawaiian themed parties. Starting with drinks you can opt to serve something refreshing like a daiquiri or a pina colada decorated with an umbrella. Pineapples or coconuts are the magic tropical ingredients that will give that taste of the islands to drinks.  You should also look out for coconut prints on plates, table cloths or drink cups to accessorize your party.
  • Surprise your guests. Holding a Hawaiian themed party in the dead of winter will certainly surprise them. It should warm them up a little too. Of course, summer is a great time for a tropical style party, but you can bring the sunshine into the colder months by having one in winter.
  • Match your supplies. One of the ways to really lift the vibe of the party is to match all your supplies around one theme. It might be a certain colour or perhaps you’ll opt for a palm tree theme. Details are what make all the difference.
  • Get dressed up. If you’ve always fancied wearing a grass skirt – now is your chance! Everybody should have their own lei to wear too.

Follow these top tips and you’ll have a blast of a Hawaiian themed party. You and your guests can reminisce about it for years afterwards.

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