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What makes the perfect Hawaiian Party?

If you’re thinking of holding a Hawaiian themed fancy dress party there are many things to consider to get everything just right and provide a fun and authentic experience for your party guests. This week we give you an overview of the basics that really make a successful fancy dress party with a Hawaiian theme.

Costumes- Think grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts. Handing out flower leis to guests as they arrive is a traditional Hawaiian symbol of friendship.

Props- A few well placed props, such as inflatable palm trees, parrots and sharks will give your party that little something extra, and can double up as toys to keep any attending children occupied.

Drinks- Tropical cocktails, such as the ‘Blue Hawaiian’ and the ‘Banana Lover’, are perfect for getting your party going. For those guests who don’t drink alcohol, exotic fruit juices, such as pineapple or mango, will go down a treat.

Games- Hawaiian party games, such as limbo competitions or hula dancing can help to liven things up. You could also have a competition for the best, and the worst, Hawaiian costumes.

Music- Play some Hawaiian steel guitar music to get everyone into the Hawaiian mood, or alternatively throw on some Hawaiian era Elvis.

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