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Classic Christmas movies

With just a few days to go before the turkey is on the table and much anticipated presents are revealed to be socks and deodorant sets, there’s still time to get into the Christmas spirit if you’re not quite feeling it yet. This week we take a look at some of Hollywood’s classic modern Christmas movies to get you in the mood. Merry Christmas!

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) – Great fun for the whole family with those loveable Muppets and their unique retelling of Dickens’ classic Christmas story.

Scrooged (1998) – Another modern take on Dickens’ classic, this time featuring Bill Murray as a cold-hearted TV executive who changes his selfish ways on Christmas Eve, thanks to visitations from three spirits.

The Grinch (2000) – Rubber-faced Jim Carrey takes on Dr Seuss’ ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, in this big budget adaptation of a children’s classic in which a green-faced creature plans to steal Christmas.

A Christmas Carol, with Jim Carrey (2009) – Yet another version of the story of miserly Scrooge’s visitations by three spirits on Christmas Eve, this time stunningly animated and featuring the voice of, you guessed it, Jim Carrey.

Home Alone (1990) – A young Macaulay Culkin finds himself left behind when the family goes away for Christmas. Left to fend for himself he must fight off two bungling burglars, utilising an array of booby traps and slapstick comedy.

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) –
Using stop-motion animation, the inimitable Tim Burton tells a twisted Christmas tale in which Jack Skellington decides to switch his usual Halloween horrors for a spot of Christmas cheer.

Die Hard (1988) – The perfect Christmas movie for anyone who isn’t the slightest bit interested in carols, cards and crackers but does enjoy guns, explosions, terrorists and Bruce Willis in a string vest.

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