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Creating your Oscar themed party

Hosting your own Oscar themed party, is a great way to celebrate the Oscars night or just to have create an elegant event which everyone will remember for ages. There are some key aspects to consider and plan for when you are planning your party. Ranging from the personalised invites and the dress code to the music and decorations. Each and every aspect will add a unique element to the overall party and will create those talk-about moments.

Personalised invites
Weeks before your actual party is due to take place, you will want to start getting the buzz out. Asking people to come to the party would be a good start, but it doesn’t have the Oscar glamor that a paper invite would hold. You can design a simple but elegant looking invitation quiet easily on your computer and even arrange for them to be professionally printed for less than you would have thought.
A classy looking invite will immediately differentiate your party from the run-of-the-mill parties going on elsewhere. The invite allows you to set the tone of the evening months before you have even opened your doors for the night.

Dress code
The Oscars are the peak of Hollywood glamor. Th men are always suited in classical black-tie, whilst he formal elegance of the event allows the women to show off with their dresses.
Choosing an appropriate dress code for your party will ensure that you have complete control of the atmosphere. A formal dress code would almost instantly install the classy ambiance you would appreciate.
On a different note, if you are going for a slightly more low-brow atmosphere, you could always opt for a movie theme party. Asking guests to dress up as their favourite Hollywood actors or even as film characters. There is nothing wrong with a party when you can walk around and see C3P0 talking to Brigitte Bardot, or Alien sharing a drink with Peter Pan.

Food or canapes
Having set the tone for your Hollywood party, with both the invitations and the dress code, the next aspect to plan is the food. A formal party could lend itself to a sit down meal and a full three course adventure through Hollywood themed food. Whilst, when guests have dressed up and are walking around in costume, it would seem almost cruel to hide half of their costumes underneath a table cloth. The buffet or even having waiters walking around serving canapes seems to naturally lend itself to this situation.
Of course, having food is not always appropriate for an Oscars party, you might just want to put out some bar snacks for people to nibble on and encourage them to enjoy the evening instead of having to go through the rigmarole of an organized meal.

Projecting the ceremony

With a few inexpensive pieces of equipment, you can project the whole of the Oscars ceremony onto a big screen at your party. A projector, laptop and speakers are the bare essentials, some locations will need a projector screen. If you are hosting your party in a location which has a large white wall, then there is already a natural screen waiting for you to utilise.
So, the question is not if you can project the Oscars, but if you Oscar themed party really would benefit from having the ceremony shown. As with all awards ceremonies, the Oscars is a long event with long periods of nothing happening or adverts being broadcast. You should really weigh up the pros and cons of showing the ceremony and what it will really add to your party.

If you have decided to project the ceremony or not, you will still need to think about the music you will play when the ceremony is not being shown. You could opt to keep in with the movie theme party and create a playlist solely composed of movie blockbuster soundtracks. This will work quiet well if all of your guests have a similar taste in films to you. However, playing the theme tune to Jurassic Park, could cause the evacuation of the dance floor.
It might seem like one of the least important aspects of your party, but on the night, this will really become the only factor you truly care about. Spending the hours before the party ensuring you have compiled a great playlist with a host of options, will allow you to relax on the night and to enjoy the party yourself.

Wherever you are hosting the party, will need some form of decorations. The Oscars are renowned for the entrance to the theater. Two huge golden Oscar statues flank the doors and are synonymous with the Oscar’s red carpet. If you can gain inspiration from this to take into the rest of your decorations, you will not be able to go too far wrong. Gold and glamorous is the way forward. Finding 10 ft tall statues is not always a realistic possibility, however, there is nothing wrong with having two huge posters attached to the door frame outside your party.
The impression these will create is exactly what you are looking for and will help to ensure that the evening is one for all your guests to remember.

Drinks service
One of the last things you might consider for your Hollywood party, is the option of having waiters walking around offering drinks out to party-goers. It is a clear touch of class and extravagance, but one which will create a great impression. However, this could be the end of your budget and is one of the last things to add to your already huge list of tasks to complete before starting your party.

However, you plan your party, using some of these tips will ensure you have not only created a party which all of your guests will enjoy, but one which will allow you to have a great night too.

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