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Glitz, glamour and …goodie bags

Lure the stars to your Hollywood Party with a bountiful party bag crammed full of gifts. We all know that the real reason most of the celebrities turn up to the opening of a crisp packet, sorry, red carpet event, is actually for the latest promotional goodie bag. The best ones include the latest endorsed perfumes; luxury chocolates; pimped up mobile phones and even diamond-encrusted jewellery.

We’re not suggesting you go to that extent, but sending your guests home with a glitzy goodie bag at the end of your Hollywood themed party will be a lovely touch, and certainly ensure that your ‘do’ will be remembered by all. Mini wine or scotch bottles are a decadent touch, especially when paired with a gold foil-wrapped chocolate, and of course a packet of Alka-seltzer. Nothing cures the remnants of over-indulgence better than the ‘plink-plink-fizz’.

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