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Costumes of the caped crusader

As the third movie in Christopher Nolan’s take on the Batman franchise receives a hotly anticipated release date, superhero fans are no doubt fervently pencilling July 20th 2012 into their calendar’s in excitement. With the just the tentative title ‘Batman 3’, and the film’s lack of a plot, villain or script, comic book fans can amuse themselves in the meantime with our run-down of top batman fancy dress costumes.

Batman- The caped crusader has taken on a vast number of guises over the years, from Adam West’s tongue in cheek portrayal in the 1960’s, to the slightly wooden incarnations played by Val Kilmer and George Clooney, and the most recent hoarse throated buffed up Batman look of Christian Bale. Each had a slightly different costume, with Adam West’s grey and black number resembling something from a school play.

The Joker- A superhero is of course nothing without his nemesis, and The Joker, most recently played by the late great Heath Ledger, is perhaps one of the most iconic villains ever to grace the silver screen. For your fancy dress costume you’ll need a purple blazer with clashing green shirt, and of course a healthy smattering of red and white face paint.

The Riddler- Along with a touch of insanity and a mischievous nature, The Riddler’s main distinguishing features are a bright green bodysuit covered in question marks and glaring ginger hair. Very inconspicuous.

The Penguin- Portrayed in Batman Returns by Danny DeVito, The Penguin’s bird-like webbed hands earned him his nickname. A top hat, circus-master suit and cane are essential for this distinctive fancy dress costume.

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