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A Party Shop Owner Slams Current Crazy Clown Mask Craze and Removes Stock from Sale

Carzy Killer Clown Masks

A Party Shop owner, Peter Walker, has responded to the latest spate of crazy clown attacks by removing all killer clown masks from sale in his party supplies shops in Hemel Hempstead.

Peter has put responsibility over profit in the attempt to take a stand against the current craze for clown attacks that have been increasing in number and severity across the UK in the last few weeks.

Police are beginning to take action over the attacks but they appear to come without provocation or warning. There is no apparent connection between incidences and so Peter has decided to take action by removing the very equipment need to undertake such an attack.

Peter says, “As a father, I know how upset I would be to hear my children had been frightened by the current scary clown craze. In order to reduce the number of attacks in the UK, I have removed all clown masks from the shop. As a business, we know that people who may have purchased clown masks from our shop in the run up to Halloween may now be considering a refund. We will refund any in-store purchases on unused clown masks when returned with a receipt. We are fully committed to making sure that Halloween is a spooky time with plenty of fun and no real fear. A Party Shop are promoting a safe Halloween in 2016 with the hashtags #ClownMaskGraveyard and #ClownFreeHalloween.”

The clown craze has arrived in the UK from America, with the first known attack taking place in South Carolina, on August 21, 2016. While many incidences are thought to be relatively harmless, attacks have become increasingly aggressive.

The sightings in the UK are both becoming more frequent and changing in nature, with many clowns using weapons to add to the fear, such as knives and a chainsaw.

Peter strongly believes that this responsible and moral approach can make a difference to the craze as preventing the purchase of clown masks will make it much harder for people to access the masks.

The UK craze has taken a more sinister turn over the last two days as vigilante groups are forming in the attempt to tackle the issue of the clown sightings.

Peter was visited in his store on Thursday 13 October, by BBC Three Counties Radio, to talk about his decision.

Peter told BBC Three Counties Radio, “I have taken this stand both as a father and a local shop owner. I want to protect our local community from people, especially children, being scared for no apparent reason. I have removed scary clown masks for sale indefinitely. I’m more than prepared to sacrifice the retail value of the masks and believe that maintaining a good name within the local area is much more important than a quick sale.”

If you would like to know more about A Party Shop, please contact Peter Walker, Owner, on 01442 266711, email peter@apartyshop.co.uk. Visit the A Party Shop website, www.apartyshop.co.uk

Snippet from BBC Three Counties Radio Breakfast Show on 13th October 2016

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