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Hollywood Fun


Whatever the occasion - whether you're hosting a soiree for friends and want to add a bit of A-list glamour to the event or it's your child's birthday party and are keen to roll out the red carpet for their movie-loving pals, then a Hollywood themed party could be just the ticket. It's even a great idea for companies who want to praise hard-working employees at the end of the business year. With our great Hollywood parties supplies, creating a movie inspired shindig is a piece of cake! !!


Evening Entertainment for Adults

If you've always dreamt of being a celebrity movie star then why not sprinkle a dash of sophistication onto your dinner party by hosting a Hollywood inspired evening? All to often, dinner parties or evening affairs with friends can turn into lifeless events full of chatter about politics and other stale subjects, but with our Hollywood party supplies you can easily turn yours into a thrilling soiree full of laugher and movie madness! Ask your friends to come in movie-themed fancy dress and hold a mini-Oscars ceremony to crown the best (and worst!) costumes of the evening!


Birthday Fun for the Kids

Kids love the movies and probably harbour a secret ambition to star in their very own Hollywood blockbuster once they grow up! Why not make it happen for them and throw them a Hollywood themed birthday party to remember? By buying our great Hollywood party decorations, props and games, you can really turn their big day into an occasion that they'll remember for the rest of their lives! You could even buy our popular awards night photo props to ensure that you get some great photos of the star-studded party to create memories to treasure forever.


"Oscars" for Company Employees

By hosting your very own Oscars ceremony, you can thrust those iconic statuettes into the hands of your most hard-working members of staff and they'll soon realise that their efforts haven't gone unnoticed! It can often be difficult to show your employees that you really do appreciate all the hard work that they have put in over the year, but with our gold (coloured - NOT real!) statues taking pride of place on their desks, they'll know that they've been doing a great job. Why not also buy our Hollywood red floor runner and VIP entrance sign to make the event even more like the real thing? Perfect for adults, kids and businesses, it's no surprise that our Hollywood themed party supplies are the talk of the town!