A balloon net or balloon drop bag is a great addition to a party. Simply put, they are what they sound like – bags or nets filled with balloons! They are very easy to use, just attach them to the ceiling, pull a cord and the balloons will come tumbling out. It’s unusual and is sure to make a great finale to any party. A top tip is to check the dimensions of the balloon drop bag and the room to make sure that the net doesn’t hang so low that your guests will be bumping into it with their heads!

Children’s Parties

Balloon drop nets are perhaps most suited to children’s parties. Kids love balloons, so the idea that there are dozens of balloons hanging out of reach is sure to make a child’s birthday party fizzle with excitement. The sight of multi-coloured balloons pouring from the balloon drop bag is certain to stick in the memory. Once they’ve been released, challenge the children to pop them all! Make sure first, though, that you don’t have any sensitive children there as some young children don’t like the noise of balloons popping. If you can get them to calm down long enough to listen, there are a number of games which can be played with balloons.

Balloon Games

One idea for a game is to form the children into two lines. The child at the front of each line has a balloon and has to pass it over their head to the child behind. The second child has to pass it through their legs to the next in line. It’s a race, alternating between passing it over their heads or through their legs. The winner is the first to reach the end of the line, or you could then make them turn around and pass it back until it reaches the first child again! Another fun game is to only buy balloons in two colours – red and green, for example. Divide the children into two teams, the red team and the green team, and mark out an area for each team at opposite ends of the room. Have a countdown, then pull the chord on the balloon drop net and let chaos commence! The red team has to get all the red balloons into their end of the room and the green team has to get all the green balloons into the opposite end, but each child can only carry one balloon at a time. The winner is whichever team gets all their balloons to their end first. This game does require a bit more space but is perfect if the party is being held in a large open room such as a church hall. Alternatively, buy as many balloons as there are children at the party. Write a different word on each balloon and tell each child one of the words. When you release the balloon net, the children have to search for ‘their’ word and the first one to find it wins. Another option is to put a small treat in each balloon – each child gets to keep the treat if they can pop the balloon!


For a grown-up twist on the idea, consider buying balloons either to match the wedding colour scheme or in a classy silver, gold or pearly white. Fill them with confetti or glitter and when you release the balloons, ask guests to pop them which will release the confetti. However, this can be rather messy! You could also order balloons with the name of the couple and the wedding date written on them and fill them with a small, light wedding favour. When you release the balloons from the balloon net, make sure everyone gets one. They can take it home as a reminder of the day and when it loses its air or pops, they’ll still have the favour to enjoy.

New Years’ Eve Parties

A balloon drop is a fun way to mark the transition to a new year. Order balloons with a message such as ‘Happy New Year’ or simply the year and at the end of the countdown, on the stroke of midnight, release the balloons! There are plenty of ideas for fun uses of balloon drops so use your imagination!

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