Here at apartyshop, we pride ourselves in stocking a vast selection of Halloween Costumes and Accessories to meet everyone’s tastes and budgets. From traditional Dracula and Witches’ Cats through to Zombies, Werewolves and Bodybag costumes. Even the children can get involved with our selection of Children’s and Teens Halloween Costumes – The Pixie Bat, Zombie Alley Clown and the Pumpkin Fairy Costumes a few of our newest additions.

For those of you wanting to keep things simple, or inviting children to your Halloween Party, we have a great range of Devil’s, Witch’s, Ghost and Dracula Costumes. Take at look at our Wicked Witch Costume for an instantly recognizable look. The Yummy Mummy Costume is perfect for the hostess, and Dads, you could don a Novelty Spider Costume to get the kids running.

We stock an amazing range of alternative Halloween Costumes and are always trying to keep your options fresh with new themes. This year we have added some Cirque Sinister Costumes such as the Knife Thrower Costume and Twisted Clown Costume. You’ll love our High School Horror section too. Blood-soaked Prom Queens, Zombie Headmaster and a Zombie Geek are just the start. To stand out from the crowd, we have a Cockroach Costume, Ghostship Costume and the ever-popular Drac-in-a-box Costume. So click on the links and see what surprises we have in store for you today.

For a more gruesome get-up this Halloween, take a look at our ghastly range of Masks – Leatherface, Serial Killers, Zombie Slave and even a modern twist on Frankenstein – the Barackstein Mask. Make up your own frightful effects with some Special FX Scars and some Fake Skin Putty. Our selection of Facepaints and Wounds is sure to inspire you. Don’t forget your fake blood to add authenticity to your grisly guise.

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